1. It’s true Dionne, you have been away for quite a while now. It is inspiring to see you and hear what you are up to so thank you for sharing your interview. How are you doing otherwise? :)

    1. Hi Nomzi. I miss this space and promise to return from my cocoon soon. I am writing, loving, teaching, living. I will share soon, if not sooner.

      How are you?

      1. Yeah, I miss hearing from you. Your distinct voice. I will post a new poem in December myself. Nothing is set in stone. I am well otherwise. I focus on my music. And you are also a musician and play the piano. How wonderful. Will we hear your music too?

      2. I love that. I’m curious if you will share your sound online, excerpts maybe.

        I usually share my music now through my words and my voice. I suppose for now, my music lives inside my writing. ; )

      3. Yes I will share my music online. It is only a matter of time. I do have one promising demo from another lifetime posted on Youtube that my sister still has not taken down. She loves me. Way back when I did not understand the concept or purpose of a recording studio. Your music lives in your writing indeed. It’s uplifting to be onto something useful. Have a lovely weekend dear. :)

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