I Read Every Single Word: Writing, Revision, Publishing

Many of you are familiar with my museum work. One of my programs, PAGES, is a literacy and writing program I created at the Wexner Center for the Arts (yes I have a few other blogs ; ) and a twitter feed or two). I created PAGES in hopes to encourage students and teachers to think about writing differently: how we teach it, how students approach the process of writing, and how we can help students navigate the process and hopefully become better at writing. By the way, as artists and educators, we learn quite a bit too!

Each year, after the program runs its course, we publish a book of student work. Currently, our team is working on the first draft of written submissions for the anthology. The truth is, I still have the first draft (it’s due to our editor today) but I like to make a point of reading every single word from students, even those works that do not get selected for the book.

The entire process of publishing this book includes students, teachers, our editors, and design team. While putting together the PAGES anthology, I am all in, senses engaged in the entire process. It is thrilling to see this publication come together each year.


To begin, the writing submissions come in by email, envelope, flash drive, hard copythe teachers helping students organize new ideas and wrinkled thoughts just in time for our deadline. This is one of my favorite parts of the year when the words come pouring in, when I read what students have pulled away from this year of working together. This is the beginning of the process of putting together this book that each year surprises us fully with what students are thinking about, what they have the courage to contemplate and say in their writing.

And now that PAGES has run its course for the year I thought it would be interesting to share the other side of the process . Over the course of the next few months we will sort, edit, arrange, and make choices about the book. I believe sharing this process is a way to think about the writing process, to think about where the words go after they are written.

Want to learn more about the PAGES program? Please visit http://wexpagesonline.edublogs.org/ to see what we’ve been up to.

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