While arts education is not brain surgery, it is clear this (art) work is doing something to the brain (and the heart).

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  1. Arts education is indeed likened to a therapy.. (physical, mental).. the more education.. (therapy) received.. the better the self.
    PS.. Can it not be considered a self exploratory “brain surgery” also..??
    (Just Sayin’)… :)

    1. Absolutely Carl, the more you are exposed, the more the benefit—an apple (or an art) a day if you will. In my work we explore literacy and writing, humanities (broadly), sciences, math, you name it—art has a pathway to enhance and/or explore it.

      We do work with many different creative disciplines and the educators, students, and audiences we work with are often surprised how narrow their perspective on art. Our work is a bit about opening up those perspectives, setting up a safe space or permission to critically and creatively think about myriad topics and tones, a bit of creative surgery on the brain : ).

      I like the idea of an exploratory “brain surgery”. I’ll take that, be it self and/or collaborative, the creative choices and opportunities the arts offer are endless.


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