Open Book: Other Colors, Essays, and a Story

Writer Orhan Pamuk continues to inspire me. Not only does he remind me of a dear friend of mine (I would not know him without her), but also that his writing dares me to contemplate writerly things. What are you trying to write? Or where is it that you write from, that you’d like to write from? Where are you, home, a familiar, or a foreign place? How will you write your way out of or into that place—getting to know it’s characters, the colors of their lives, the contents of their pockets? You might look for landmarks and street names to guide you; and while you are writing the direction may not always appear clear. But trust the words as they come. You can revise later, for now just write.

As difficult  as it is to write good books, it is just as difficult to concoct subjects to which a writer can devote all his creative energy, everything he has in him, for the rest of his life.  

Books like these, books to which you can devote your entire life—like life itself—they take you where they want you to go, but very slowly. This new place, this foreign country, is no doubt made up of our past, our memories, and our dreams… -Orhan Pamuk

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