When young people write…

When young people write they rise to the occasion, to voice, to change, to experience, to learning, to life.

Every year in “PAGES” we write with 200 high school students, through 3 arts experiences, guided by 5+ artists and 7 classroom teachers…

In past posts I’ve talked a bit about my work with teens, arts, literacy, and writing, and I just want to share with you this year’s publication the Wexner Center for the Arts published for students we’ve worked with this past year in the PAGES program.

I found my interest in education while working as a writer-in-residence nearly fifteen years ago. I created PAGES with a sense that we can teach and engage students with writing in school differently, create writing experiences that are more dynamic, sophisticated, creative. Eight years later, PAGES, an arts partnership with the Wexner Center for the Arts, schools, and local, national, and international artists, serves approximately 200 students a year from 5-7 different area high schools.

We’ve been publishing this anthology for the past seven years and each year the book features writings, artwork, images, and quotes from participating students. This book is a celebration of creative community and how collectively we found our way in and around the world through art and words.

Check out writings and artwork here: The PAGES 2012-13 anthology

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