“Meaning slips and slides; writing tries to catch it and hold it still.” -Kerrin McCadden

Just on the other side of the summer solstice, I imagine the day just slightly darker, shorter, or maybe the days are still long with winter either over or just months away. The poem Epistle: Leaving, by Kerrin McCadden reminds of that pushing and pulling, that tension, that constant change, the turning of things, how writing is slippery, just as slick and fluid as nature, as life.

What is turning over and over in your life, in your writing?

Wonder and Scribe

Excerpt from Epistle: Leaving

   Dear dark, dear paper, dear files I can’t toss, dear calendar
and visitation schedule, dear hello and goodbye.
If a life is one thing and then another; if no grasses grow
through the tracks; if the train wreck is a red herring;
if goodbye then sincerely. Dear disappeared bodies
and transitions, dear edge of a good paragraph.
Before the wreck, we misunderstood revision.
I revise things now.   -Kerrin McCadden

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