Friendship, Only a World Away

This post is not solely about the resistance movement erupting in Turkey right now. This is also about how we are connected as humans and how the world seems so small through solidarity and friendship.

As I walked the streets in my Midwest neighborhood this past weekend, I passed the Turkish gift shop midtown. In that moment as I have so many times before, I thought of my dear Turkish friend in images and words, how we have shopped there together, hot tea in our hands, wading through art, scarves, jewelry, wind song from her native tongue.


Sounding a Resistance
As I continued to pass the shop, doors open wide to the breeze, that memory quietly interrupted by a line of perched bodies along the brick façade. I did not know their cause for standing so patient and so still, but bowed my head in peace, nodded in support of their seemingly singular voice, buried between brightly colored signs, arms clutched together like chain link. Later that day I heard, read the disjointed narratives seeping from Turkey. A few days later, I heard from my friend…

image via

Today I write…
There is no time but the present to stand inside the green, lie down in sprinkling blades, beside stiff shadows covered in leaves, beside your neighbor hand in hand, beside the earth. Stand because fresh air changes shape when harnessed between hardened buildings and fume filled parking lots. Stand to cherish open natural spaces as divine moments beyond a busy day, a busy week, a busy world. Stand because like those blades of grass, those trees, voices do not sit, they only speak in peace and stand in resistance.

For more information about what’s going on:

Images, writings, video

Photos from the Resistance via (images)
The First Week in Resistance in Istanbul (video)
BBC News (timeline and map included)
Washington Post (blog)
New Yorker (blog)
Open Democracy


    1. Thank you Gwen. So difficult to wrap my head and heart around the conflicts and human tragedies around our world. What seems so far away is really very much in our back door. As humans, beyond region, languages, customs, culture, we are really all much more connected than we think.

      I wish for peace, even just a breath of it to fill our lungs with hope.

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