Simple, handwritten, ‘thank you’

Don’t mind the mess on my desk, what matters more is the thank you card I received in the mail the other day from a young lady, a high school freshman, after we spoke recently about her career interests, education, and post high school options. One might think that in a time of instant messaging a 14-year-old might send a casual email or nothing at all, rather than employ print, cursive, paper, and ink. But I can assure you, and with good old-fashioned penmanship, there are still people out there exploring their own thoughtful marks, writing in ink, slowing down, leaving a unique presence.

“Everyone you meet has some kind of purpose in your life,” I told her. “Sometimes you don’t know what that purpose is at that very moment, or who will end up a part of your life for longer than that moment.”

That day, as we explored career, education, future, we also talked a bit about how first impressions count, how sometimes all you have is that very first encounter. In our conversation we did not get into lasting impressions but she assured me just a few days later she knew how to make one: a simple thank you note on a folded white card, lined in silver, with detail, time, and sincerity pressed into page.

In life and writing, never underestimate a simple handwritten ‘thank you’.

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2 Comments on “Simple, handwritten, ‘thank you’”

  1. June 8, 2013 at 8:04 am #

    Truly one of life’s underrated pleasures…the discovery of a handwritten note among our junk mail and bills.

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