Coastal Retreat

I could sit out here all day; think about how high the sun sits in this open sky. Summer does not shine this bright, humidity this dry, up north. The trees do not dance as freely; the grass does not pull to the sky with such reach and stretch. Even in wilt, the petals rich with pigment, cranberry, marigold, ginger. My boys are happy to be outdoors sitting, running, laughing, swinging their arms and legs in the warm day.

I could sit out here and write morning or night, listen for the breeze brush against each blade of grass, each sun stained petal, each full green leaf. I could read against the pink and orange sunset, turn each page as the sky darkens, wonder why the sunsets in the north do not meet the moon with such rouge.

Today I am thankful for this tiny oasis, these rows of green, these full blooms and dangling branches, a bountiful space outside of a busy week, a moment of quiet and ease.

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One Comment on “Coastal Retreat”

  1. December 4, 2014 at 6:19 am #

    Bliss. :)

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