Ok let’s write: First Drafts…

First drafts are lovely, loose, and reckless. Allow them that disjointed scrambled mess. They are not meant to be perfect, they are only beginnings.

I know, I know I haven’t given a writing prompt in a while but this phrase I just wrote is quickly turning into one so let’s see what happens. Take just one word from the above phrase (bonus for two or three), and place it somewhere in your poem. I say poem only because it’s National Poetry Month and I’m all about poetry this month. But if you’re not in the mood for a poem by all means write prose. But whatever you decide to write after reading this post, be sure to take a word with you (lovely, loose, reckless, scrambled, perfect, or beginning) and see if you can make it stick. As always, you’re invited to drop me a line (in the comments) and share what you wrote.

Here’s your out: If you’re not up to writing at this very moment, at least re-read the above phrase and remember first drafts are a mess.


  1. Totally agree! My issue is the insanity of trying/wanting to write it right the first time– although I know very well that most writers don’t. But rest assured, my dissertation writing is teaching me new levels of humility. ;-)

    1. Love that. Yes the Master’s thesis, the PhD dissertation humbles us doesn’t it? And what a beautiful thing to acknowledge it and succumb to the growth. Happy writing and in growing your craft.

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