I should begin with a poem

As a writer, my eyes and ears, my heart are thoroughly wrapped up in the spell of words and what they can do to still our times, capture our most sensitive raw condition, our lives. I am drawn to beautiful lines of thoughtfulness, to rhythm, to texture dark in the letter imprint across glossy pages, glowing screens, and feather light squares of pulp. I am caught up in the chain of lyric, dangling like a necklace underneath the blinking cursor or dripping from our lips as we read silently to ourselves.

I find that poetry is seemingly all around us, in marketing, in headlines, in tweets. When I come across writing phrased poetically I think of beautiful moments of sense and verse, a snapshot clicking loud in the flash of hand to line and the flicker of fingers feverously across computer keys. There was a time when poetry felt more important to our history, when it recorded war and peace, injustice, courage, figures, moments of clarity. Today, I am looking for poetry everywhere, in everything.

Nowadays I write to capture the world as it spreads its well and wounds. I think I will always chase poetry at heart. Its distinct character shows up in my prose, in my speak, and in my attempt at lyrical lines. I am thankful to know a poem or two, poets, writers, who like me, are writing with their senses, their blind pages lit by metaphors, meter, imagery and all the details crawling in between.

April is National Poetry Month

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