Part of the Celebration

The library is a regular outing for my eight-year-old and I. Yesterday, while I glanced at titles, slipped off my shoes after a long day on my feet, and stood while skimming inside front jackets and back covers for summaries and reviews, my son followed me around the tables and shelves patiently exploring titles and asking questions.

As usual, I picked a bit of nonfiction, a heavy work on the complexities of our prison and judicial systems by Michelle Alexander, coupled with a douse of culture and feminism in a collection of essays by Patricia Hill Collins, the thick paperback conspicuous among the featured titles on the Women’s History Month table.


“Is there a Man’s History Month mom?” my son asked. But before I could answer, he proceeded to explain that he remembered in school he learned [a long time ago] women weren’t treated equal, and that’s why this month was important. I commended him on his youthful insight, and went further to explain to him that even today, women aren’t always treated equal, but Women’s History Month is not only a reminder of balance and equality, but also a celebration of women in general. “Are you a part of that celebration?” he asked.

What women to do you celebrate today, everyday?

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