Change Anyone?


I don’t miss those bunches of strands I left on the floor by the chair in the beauty shop. I walked away from that shop, not with clinging swirls on top of my head, against my cheeks, but with my own revised ideas on beauty as robust and brilliant as the thickening wind I can now feel behind my ears. I left on that floor in the shop time I’ve spent manipulating, fussing with that hair for it to at some point during the day to fail me.

There is something unpredictable about our hair and in some ways that is magic, but in other ways, it is demanding, of our time, our money, our self-esteem.  I sat in that chair thinking about how much time and money I’ve spent trying to make my hair behave in rain, in wind, in transit, in love.

I should say that I have not given up on those strands dusting the tops of my shoulders. Instead, I gave in to time and space for me, my family, my life. For now I’d rather wake up in the morning, sit just a bit longer, write, wonder, feel the still curling in short wisps on the back of my neck.



At some point in our lives we all contemplate change. Maybe it’s not a big haircut, but surely there is something we all have changed about ourselves. Think about a time when you changed something in your life to make room, make time for something else. How did it feel to initially to make that change? How does it feel now?


  1. I noticed the change a day or so before you wrote about it. I was surprized. I thought it was a different site in my blogs I follow section. I think it looks fine though, what matters is that you’e happy with it. Have a great day.

  2. It completely changes your look, and I can understand the mixed emotions. It’s looks great! I can remember chopping my hair off in the 90s (think Demi Moore’s boy haircut in Ghost). It was liberating, and I couldn’t believe how light my head felt! I’m less bold in my 40s, so I admire your taking the leap! Nowadays for me it’s all about getting the color done every 8 weeks – talk about expense, ugh.

    1. Thanks Gwen. Ha, I very much remember that iconic Demi Moore hair! I love the dialogue this post seems to stir up (especially in us girls). Hair is this big deal (I think). And the pressure to manage it seems an even bigger one. I’m not sure if we put that on ourselves or if we just take our cues from society. It’s complicated (I think). The conversations about beauty and hair are endless and I love having them. It’s really interesting to hear all of the many perspectives. I’ve been having some wonderful discussions around this topic. It’s a good one! Oh, and I’ll be 40 in another year or so and believe me, I’ve been watching my grays sprout up one by one. I have a feeling I see color in my not so distant future. ;)

  3. Hooray for becoming unmoored from the time and effort of more hair. (And by the way, you look wonderful!) One of my favorite things to do is get my hair cut short, shorter than many would choose. I know our hair has different textures and challenges, but the liberation must feel similar.

    1. Hi! Yes, yes, the freedom is priceless (literally). I just felt that I could no longer devote so much time, resources, energy to my hair. I just wanted to free up room for other really terrific things going on in my life and leave my hair to do what it does naturally. I think short, short is uncomfortable to some because “society”, media, etc. says beauty represents this or that and short hair has many perceptions and assumptions. But honestly, I’m in a place where I could care less about all of that. I think you’re right about feeling a similar sense of liberation in certain respects. It’s complicated of course, but I love how we have choices. I am grateful for that freedom. I’m also so thankful to have my time and space back, filling it with so many more interesting things than worrying about my hair. :) We’ll see how it goes! Glad to hear from you!

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