Friday, a Weekend Appetizer

This morning I woke up to the baby singing his nonsensical, yet somehow beautifully harmonious song in the other room. I turned to look at the clock and could not believe how late we all slept (says one who typically gets up at 5am). We were all beyond sound asleep, humidifiers juggling steam in the air, our bodies warm, wrapped up in thick blankets. To look outside and see the crumbled frost stiff on the sidewalks, no wonder we all slept just a bit longer this morning, it was much too cold to do anything else.

However, the color of calm changes quickly. Once the storm of our morning started stirring, I was impressed at our ability to dress all three little ones and even us big ones, to get out the door in record time. We were off, just a hint later than usual, but very much on time for the weekend. Maybe Fridays were made for sleeping in just long enough to dream ourselves into notions of Saturday and Sunday. How sweet it was that not only did we all get to slightly sleep in, (if you call 7am sleeping in), we still recovered in such swift grace to get out the door with a glorious step closer to more time together on the other end of this day. Enjoy your Friday, just a few “happy hours” until the weekend.

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