Drop Me a Line (with Cheese)

The poets have been mysteriously silent on the subject of cheese.—Gilbert K. Chesterton

I think this quote is true. Do you know of any great writings inspired by or about cheese? I came across this quote several weeks ago, and it got me thinking about, well, cheese. But not just how it melts or its sharp or mild flavor, smooth texture, graceful agility. I thought, there are some subjects writers don’t often entertain, think imaginatively about—and I think cheese tends to be one. But I could be wrong. So please comment with leads to any cheese writings you know of.

Otherwise, when was the last time anyone mused over a block of cheddar or wrote beautifully about feta’s soft crumbly goodness? Exactly—except, maybe chefs. So I perused a few recipe sites and there they were—writings about cheese:


“until the top is golden brown and the dip is bubbling”—Paula Deen, foodnetwork.com
“crisp and golden, bubbles, whisk”—Giada De Laurentiis, foodnetwork.com
“foaming, fragrant, simmer”—The Neelys, foodnetwork.com

So why should chefs and foodies have all the fun with cheese or any other kinds of food for that matter? And more importantly, what can writers learn from food writing? I suspect a ton, especially all the use of delightful descriptives. Writers and poets can borrow, be inspired by the language of recipes. And of course you don’t have to specifically write about cheese—but maybe let its properties inspire you. Let’s borrow some of the magic that happens in the kitchen and see what happens on the page. Happy writing!

And as always, if you feel inclined, drop me a line with an excerpt of what you wrote.

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