Love is kind, love is animated, love is a superhuman cartoon that looks something like us

Last night at 3am, I was dizzy with sleep. I’d grown tired of us on the sofa—not of us really, more like us curled up with cramped necks and lack of circulation. But as I opened my eyes and readied my tingling limbs to climb the stairs to bed, I found myself sandwiched between darkness and the flickering stream of color glowing in my husband’s interestingly fixed and seemingly amused eyes. I was confused, sleepy, maybe a little delirious. I felt as if I had interrupted a moment between his guilt free transport into an imaginary action world and the gloriously ominous story lines accompanied by bizarre sounds only superheros fighting for future civilizations can effect. Needless to say, I left my husband curled up, engulfed in The Avengers, (as in Marvel comics, Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, The Hulk).

What can I say, the man likes comics, no big deal. But at 3am, I admit I was surprised that he was willing to trade precious sleep for one, or maybe it was two or three, I don’t know I left him downstairs, 20-minute episode(s). To be fair, I suppose it isn’t much different from the coveted sleep I trade when I’m writing. Then again, maybe it’s slightly different. I guess I just haven’t learned to appreciate fully those action hero one-liners, extraordinarily superhuman fist fights and choreographed brawls, and the ultimate in animated lessons of good and evil. I guess I just love my husband, comic nerd and all. And last night as I eased my way upstairs to bed, I left him to his own devices, where only the true admirers of superhero magic lie in waiting.

I don’t have to understand why one would trade sleep for cartoons and superheros; though to be completely transparent I did sit through one episode because I was curious. My conclusion–I still don’t understand. But again I don’t have to. Perhaps love is a bit superhuman in its capacity to allow the one you love to be who they are, even if who they are dwells in unfamiliar and animated late night spaces.

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