Text in the city: Downstairs to “Print” (or Write or Both)

Sometimes the beginnings of writing happen just after your mid-afternoon meeting while walking under the warm sun in an open green space situated downtown. The words don’t exactly come together right away, but as you shuffle through the golden leaves taking your time to the parking lot, you’re thinking you wish you had your journal. Especially when you unexpectedly find yourself walking down a random flight of slightly damp, curiously abandoned cement stairs. You wonder where they lead, and how walking down this random flight of stairs to take a closer look has anything to do with the writing process. You concede maybe it doesn’t, then you push back with yourself and think perhaps it does, as you gather the words in your head, stare at them stenciled on the dark glass panels: “Graphic Design and Print”. Though the word “design” is a bit sticky, “print” is the word that stays in your mind enough for you to wonder, what’s behind that door, and what, if anything gets designed and goes to print. Then you pause for a moment at the bottom of the stairs staring at the letters on that clouded glass wondering how your curiosity and imagination led you there and what this has to do with writing.

Surely, curiosity can lead you astray or nowhere–but really what’s so wrong with either of those options? If you trust it, (“it” being creativity), that path through curiosity can lead you right into your next idea. Walk into it, even if “it” is down that dark flight of stairs.

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