On writer’s block…

“Maybe writer’s block is that space between writing something and wanting to write something good.”–Lamar Jorden, poet, Louder than a Bomb

Next time you have a chance to write (maybe right now), look outside the window. If you have to commute, you probably can’t write, but you can do the looking and notice something inspiring. Now back to the looking…What do you see? You know what you see is not what anybody else can see at this very moment, so it is absolutely your experience; lend it some details, imagery, metaphor. What do you see? If you’re in the mood, go outside, take a closer look. If you’re driving or riding, you’ll have to just use that imagination of yours. But if you can walk outside, use some additional senses you couldn’t use while you were inside. What do you see (smell, hear, feel) now? Look down at your paper or keep it in your head until you get to some paper–I do not condone creative writing and driving–but creative thinking and driving is o.k..

Now get to some paper…what will you write: colors, sounds, texture, temperature, details from some obscure point of view, whatever. Now, ask yourself, what else?

Somewhere there are butterflies without their wings. Those golden, red, spines lie on their backs, already tired of autumn’s bitter song.

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