TEDx Indianapolis was a “beautiful distraction”

photo credit: Christian Long

Big Idea: “Beautiful Distractions in 21st Century Learning

After weeks of preparation, TEDx Indianapolis came in with thunder, emotion, energy, and left with an opportunity for reflection and a call to action.

Indianapolis was a thoughtful host (city) and many thanks to the International School of Indianapolis, Big Car, and the Indianapolis Museum of Art for making this event so successful and possible in the first place. I was humbled by the chance to share the stage with such a smart and colorful array of thought leaders, action seekers, compassionate strategists, and dreamers.

And what I learned in participating in this event was that creatives, educators, activists, entrepreneurs, citizens. leaders are moving towards human-centered work, and that work will be the change we hope to see in the world. And that design, creativity, education, possibility is bigger than all of us, but it will take all of us to see the fruits of those creative and compassionate initiatives and endeavors realized.

And for everyone who made this possible, allowing me to “try out” my ideas on them, and those that shared their support through action, thoughts of encouragement, human touch, and the heart, thank you. This was a whirlwind experience. What a moment. All of you (and you know who you are near and far), thank you again for making this possible.

PS–I thank my loving and supportive husband and partner for holding down the fort at home, my seven year old for his sentiment, for his thoughtful inquiry, for sitting with me through countless rounds of rehearsal, and for hugging me at least a dozen times (with tears and sincerity) before I left. I thank my three year old for following me around the house as I “talked to myself out loud”, and gave my “speech”. And I thank him for sharing his “speech” with me. And to the baby for just being cute, cuddly, cool, and never fussy as I held him channeling words and revising on the spot, or sat him in his bouncy chair while I rehearsed. This is love. Life is learning and that is a “beautiful distraction”.

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