When the gaming gets tough, the tough DIY

Oh me of little faith as I watched my husband take apart his Playstation console as if it were a delicate operation, as if he had the steady hands of a desperate-to-game mad scientist. Piece by piece, the click and pop of plastic and metal scraped against his tools of choice: a screwdriver, a heat gun, and the cheerful, ever so calm voice of the nameless woman offering DIY guidance and direction on YouTube.

My husband called out to the computer screen, as he paused and played the video over and over, with frustration as he peeled apart the dusty black box and revealed the intricate mapping of the motherboard, the potential root of his problem, and the halt of his late night military raids and covert operations in the virtual theater of Call of Duty.

As I sat across from him at the table staring into my computer trying to write, I had to laugh inside at the madness scattered across the table, the guts of his gaming system spilled out in excess. I had to laugh because I thought my husband had no idea what he was doing as he called out to the stranger on YouTube in confusion and shouted out some choice words out of frustration over the trickling blood after cutting his finger. Thankfully it was only a flesh wound.

Hours later I’m sorry I ever doubted him, his skills, his determination. Gamers are serious about their play—enough to stay up all night, eyes bloodshot, bandaged finger, and a metal mess on the table. By 5am the next day, at the first stir of our newborn, my husband was done. The table cleared of his confusion and chaos. I still don’t get it; but I respect his heart, his technical agility, and most of all, enough curiosity to not give up until the first blasts and flares of virtual war flickered from the screen. I’m amazed at how he took that system apart and did not quit until he put it right back together again. That’s impressive. Game on honey… game on…

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