Kids Don’t Play With Their Toys: Battle Royale In The Bathroom Sink

Back by popular virtual audience demand, my observations and musings on the everyday objects creative kids (and adults alike) find amusing. There is typically a laugh (and a lesson) somewhere in these stories so enjoy and remember—it’s not necessarily what you play with, it’s how you play! 

As I reached for my toothbrush a few mornings ago, my eye caught a glance at what looked like a tangled blur of red and blue. As I looked closer, I thought, “Are these ninjas battling to the death in the bathroom sink?” By the look of things they’ve been tossing around in there all night.

And though I’m not a fan of fist fighting, I will endorse an occasional (and respectful) verbal fight (or debate if you prefer) every now and then. But from what I could tell, this brawl was surely not respectful or verbally debatable—these guys (or ninjas if you will) were at each other’s plastic throats. The head of one bruised and broken body is already missing, but something tells me he didn’t lose it in this present brawl. My hunch is some adventurous toddler might have gotten to him first.

I would like to think the sink is straight forward—simply for washing our hands, brushing our teeth and other such hygiene related things. But with kids, I know better. That sink has been known for many a days play with soap and bubbles, cups as waterfalls (that end up in a watery mess on the floor), and as evidenced here: a “battle royale” of headless action figures. And by the look of this porcelain battle ground, there’s not much hand washing going on at the moment. Ninjas, if you will excuse me—I need to break this battle up and brush my teeth.

Happy Friday!

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2 Comments on “Kids Don’t Play With Their Toys: Battle Royale In The Bathroom Sink”

  1. August 24, 2012 at 10:09 am #

    My best friend’s son (who is also basically mine as well — we raised our boys together) used to put his GI Joes in the freezer. His mother would open the door and discover them, often while on the phone with me! When he became a Marine officer, I joked at his going-away party that he should remember that is NOT a way to discipline his troops!

    You just never know where a boy’s imagination will take him, and it often starts with his toys. Headless ninjas can turn into a work of art, a philosophy, or a commission.

    • August 24, 2012 at 10:27 am #

      I love that story Sue. You are absolutely right! Children’s imaginations, curiosity, and creativity has endless possibilities. Love it!

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