Kids Don’t Play With Their Toys: A Fish Out Of Water

No those odd-looking goggles on my two-year-old aren’t some new fashion statement—although in some alternative universe they might help him see the future. And with no swim lessons for him for a few more months and generally not much water in sight other than a bath (the occasional playing in sink water and random spills don’t count), my guess is maybe this kid is channeling something more interesting, more cunning.

Well, good for him, I assumed those goggles only helped my little one see everything in front of him in blue, but maybe he’s not telling me something. Maybe they allow him to see around corners or through walls. Maybe when looking in the mirror, they allow him a vivid reflection revealing mysteries and secrets of the past and present only he can view through those tinted oversized lenses. And while those awkward looking spectacles don’t seem a requirement for any part of his adventurous little life, he’s been wearing them on and off around the house for the past few weeks ever since my seven-year-old ditched them for a new (and from what I hear better) pair of swim goggles. So what would little brother possibly need with big brother’s reject goggles? I would assume nothing, but what do I know? Maybe the magic of futuristic x-ray vision only works for little kids wearing big blue goggles with wide eyes and a crafty spirit.

It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.—Henry David Thoreau

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