Big love, little love, and breakfast (three’s a lovely crowd)

We should have seen this coming–the barking cough, the slightly runny nose, the loss of appetite. And then the phone call from daycare–the dreaded fever and 24-hour ban from school. I believe a parent is never ready when a child is sick. We get that phone call at work and then in a flurry, need to rearrange meetings, appointments, and all things normal life and work day, to be home with our sick kid. Not that we don’t want to be home wiping that runny nose, holding him while he leans on our shoulder with a sad face and limp body, but it’s just that illness usually comes at the most inopportune times. Then again, I guess illness is not meant to be convenient. Those colds, viruses, and random germs have a mind of their own. I’m beginning to wonder if that line in our vows about “in sickness and in health,” was really referring to our kids.

Anyway, as life would have it, the day before Valentine’s Day, illness struck our little one again. And despite the fact that our two-year-old was “under the weather”, he seemed in relatively good spirits the next morning (Valentine’s Day). So what’s a couple with Valentine’s Day plans and a sick kid to do? It’s not that romantic to have a pint-size wing dude on our brunch date, but in love, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do–enjoy each other and eat pancakes.

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