Good morning words, love, and winter

This morning when my feet pressed against the hardwood floors, the draft reminded me winter is etched in these creaky wood slabs. There is a layer of crystalized ice twinkling on the surface of the window, the glow of the street lights sparkle in the icy slivers, cold to the touch, the frozen glass reminds me winter is just beginning with spring just a few weeks away. The cold of the season is also stuck to the cracks, clicks, and aches of my body as I sit over my computer, trying to hide the light of the screen from my sleeping husband.

Writing at this time of day is becoming one of my favorite daily rituals—curling up to the keyboard in the early morning to capture whatever thoughts I can collect from the moment, from the night before, from my dreams, from the lovely chaotic life I lead. And even as the bitter cold is the only company I have at this early hour, I know I am really not alone as I check on my boys, my seven-year-old sleeping soundly, my two-year-old wrestling with his sleep and a barking cough, and my husband, beside me, mumbling, turning, dripping in his last few moments of sleep. This morning may be frigid, gray, icy, but these words, and these boys in my life wrap me a sincere humor, a boiling presence in the dark beginning of this cold winter day. Right at this moment, before the dark dawn becomes the gray day, there is no better tension than love and winter.

Good morning, stay warm.

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