I know I’m usually scribbling, or rather furiously typing out random narratives of life, love, and parenting, but every now and then I get to put on poetry, wear it on my sleeve, and share it with whoever is listening. Recently I did just that, and I promised to share some poems from our reading the other night. Thank you to Hannah Stephenson, “The Storialist”, for inviting me to be a part of Poetry and Obsession at OSU’s Urban Arts Space.

Poems included in this excerpt: “Andante”, “Paper or Plastic”, “My doctor, my mechanic, and my ex (all have the same name)”, and “Stained”.


  1. Thank you so much! Powerful and beautiful. I will share this with my students! We will indulge ourselves in your words and images.

    1. Thank you Antonia. Please do share with students. I love that you might be able to use this footage to inspire some of the young writers you work with. I miss working with you and your students and hope we can figure out more ways to work together in the near future. Thank you for the support!

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