Kids don’t Play with their Toys: The “Dirt Devil” Mini Vac

One would think that surrounded by colorful action figures and tiny race cars, my toddler would surely have no interest in the awkward looking, two-toned, cone-shaped contraption conspicuously sitting on the sofa. I was wrong. And you know my theory—kids can have all the latest, most interesting, most technologically crafted toys in the world and still find themselves most curious about the simple objects around the house. It’s not a scientifically proven theory of course, but I see my kids each week reach for odd things around the house to dazzle their curiosity and inspire their creativity.

The seemingly uninteresting Dirt Devil hand vacuum is no different. I typically try to keep it on hand because these boys are notorious for adorning my slightly post-modern sofa and slick wood floors with their “crumb nation”: Goldfish, graham crackers, bread crumbs, you name it, they eat it and spread the aftermath all over the house. So I finally invested in a cheapish “hand vac” to quickly remedy those eyesore crumbs and attempt to keep my house (almost) clean. Mind you, it will never be “fully” clean until these boys grow-up and get out of here, but a girl has a right to try.

Recently I’ve given the vac to my seven-year-old to use while he’s doing his little chores around the house, but my two-year-old must have wanted in on the action. I suppose he was curious about this little machine that makes things like crumbs, lint, and dust disappear. Maybe he thought to himself, “what else can I make disappear?” It would be one thing if he (meaning the two-year-old) used the mini vac in the way it was intended, but no, that would be much too easy.

I watched him the other night entertained for quite a while as he measured (by eye) the toys scattered on the sofa next to him to see if maybe one of his smaller toys might disappear in the narrow open mouth. He turned the vacuum on and off, then on and off again, countless times, until the battery begged for a break and began to run with a slow, muffled groan. I guess it’s a good thing this machine runs on rechargeable batteries. It puts a time limit on the random mischief my kid can get into and hopefully will spare the life span of my vacuum.

Maybe one day instead of plotting to suck up toys, he’ll clean up his mess with it. For now, that’s probably unlikely, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed, you never know, he might just discover that vacuum is for cleaning and not for unleashing tornado havoc on his action figures.

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