Stop, drop, and roll

No, this is not a post on fire safety tips. It’s more of a commentary on tantrums. You know the kind: where a kid arches his back so you can’t easily pick him up, or when he falls out on the floor (in the middle of some public place), not screaming, but lying flat on the ground in silent protest, staring you in the face as if to say, “What? What are you going to do with all these people around staring and judging.” Or maybe that’s just what our kid does (smile).

I don’t know how little people learn these absurd tactics. My husband says it’s already built-in when they are born, and he has a slightly different take on the matter. If he had his way, his patience would just let our toddler lie there on the floor in protest, but as a mom (who feels like she’s always dashing from one place to another), I’m just not having it. I have found amazing strength I didn’t know I had to pick said child up in one arm curling him towards me as he falls limp to my super human (mom) strength. I have encouraged my husband to do the same (after-all he is much stronger than I), and he is learning that while it might be funny (initially and then later after the fact) that our two-year-old attempts to exercise his “child will” in public places to see what we will do, in the moment of contention, it’s not cute at all. Especially when we have someplace to go or the tantrum lasts for longer than a few moments.

And little does said two-year-old know, as the parents, we have clever disciplinary tactics that we will employ at a moment’s notice, sweeping him out of his public protest and lovingly demonstrating our own sense of parental skill in dealing with unwarranted tantrums. As a compassionate parent (in the bigger scheme of things), I understand these tantrums are a toddler’s way of saying, “hey, pay attention to me, or I don’t like that.” I know toddlers need to express themselves and sometimes they don’t have the words to do it. My husband and I try to be patient and mindful when our son is frustrated and trying to communicate with us. However with that said, and in a moment’s notice, especially in a public place, when it comes down to a test of wills, I don’t believe in parent versus toddler. I’m not playing to win; I’m playing for keeps (keeping him safe that is). I believe there is a time when every toddler (adolescent and teenager for that matter) must learn that a sweet disposition will get you much further with parents than sour (we’re still obviously working on this one). *sigh*

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