Carry on dreamers…carry on

I walked into their dark quiet room and sat on each of their beds. I watched their warm almond eyes closed, their blankets covered to their shoulders, their flattened fingers hidden under their cheeks. I stood there last night thinking, “I am honored to know you, to take part in raising you, to love you.” And when I kissed the tops of their foreheads, and rubbed the smooth brown of their skin; I watched them dream. I thought about how I too, dream. I thought about Dr. King, and so many others who wish and work everyday towards a time when justice and equality will be a way of life for all children all over the world.

And to my young ones, my little people, I celebrate where they have come from and who they will be. There is nothing that makes me happier than being their mother. I have listened to those that have come before me and I will teach them about those voices. I will walk with these boys (as I will with so many other young ones) and support them as they discover the joy and perils of this life. And even as they realize that life will not always make them sing, or that they don’t always know the words to the song, I will remind them that they can call on the strength and love of those voices that have come before us to lift us up and show us the words.


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2 Comments on “Carry on dreamers…carry on”

  1. January 16, 2012 at 11:57 am #

    Dream on, dreamer!

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