Saturday or Sunday + kids = a type of early morning hangover that doesn’t go away

I barely like sharing the bed with my husband (but I love him so I guess he can stay). I like even less sharing the bed with our toddler. It really isn’t always cute or fun when little people stretch their tiny arms and legs out looking for what little space is left in the bed when surely they have all the space in the world in their own beds in their own rooms.

Anyway, sure, he’s cute (the toddler and the husband), and I like kissing his tiny fingers (the toddler) when he’s sleeping, but the truth is, he’s not sleeping, and waking up at 6:30am on a Saturday (for no good reason) really should be banned. But kids don’t care about that stuff and their body clocks operate in an entirely different timezone. Even my seven-year old was up super early asking to watch television, but I know how to fix him. “Clean up and organize your room from top to bottom,” I said, “then choose a book to read.” (If you’re tempted to feel sorry for him, be reassured that he has plenty of time today to catch up on turning his brain to mush with media). But the two-year old is a little more tricky and quite a bit more feisty, so that calls for drastic measures…

Now I don’t want to sound like a mean parent because I’m not. And I absolutely adore my kids. But the truth is I need to teach them to appreciate the finer points of Saturdays and Sundays–rest and relaxation. So therefore, I need to call on my secret weapon: my husband.

So as I turn over to get more comfortable in the bed, I allow my (also still sleepy and cranky) husband to toss and turn with our toddler, take him to the potty, verbally go back and forth with his whining and demands, and engage the drama. Someone has to do it, and we all have to take our turn. I believe in equal opportunity parenting.

And if that doesn’t work or you’re desperate, here are a few other tips and tricks to survive the early morning kid hangover:

-Save yourselves, give in and turn on the Saturday morning cartoons
-Allow the kids to climb into bed with you and hopefully they will sleep just a bit longer
-Know (and be at peace) that you’re fighting an uphill battle and just rise to the occasion with them and get some breakfast
-I’ve heard bribery works but I’m not condoning that :)

Good luck! And…good morning.

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