“How do they stay on their tip toes?”

While thoroughly engulfed in the modern and classical magic of Dance Theatre of Harlem, my oldest son was fascinated with the ballerinas and wondered how those girls could dance so long on their toes. I told him I was impressed as well and explained that it takes years of practice—we learned that the dancers are from all over the world and have a rigorous training, rehearsal, and performance schedule of up to 8+ hours a day of dance (yikes!).

We loved that the performance was interactive and at moments felt less formal or distant, and more inclusive. We had the chance to learn a lot about the company’s philosophy and approach to classical works and dance, but to also hear about the other maybe little known facts like each dancer’s costume and/or tights are specially dyed to reflect and highlight the variety of beautiful skin tones present in the company. Sure we were thoroughly impressed by the classical ballet moves, but we also really loved how modern the performance felt, and by the end, those long ballet lines found themselves entwined in the boogie of James Brown playing in the background.

Mason is my theatre road dog and is down to take in dance almost any day of the week. And even as we stayed up far past his bed time on a weekday, he was all in, focused on the art. He’s a great date.

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