The last days of summer: le Chocoholique

As the summer came to a sweeping end, I remembered that we’d had some cool adventures in those last warm days. And as the autumn leaves are falling in crimson and gold, I’m still writing about the last days of summer — maybe it will help keep the winter away for just a little while longer.

In teaching Mason about the fine art of chocolate, there was no better place to introduce him to than the Short North’s le Chocoholique. My entire family really loves chocolate, and I’ve managed to train my husband that this sweet boutique right at the corner of Poplar and High is the go to place for interesting and exotic chocolate finds. I’m a regular there and can’t leave that place spending less than $15 — yes, for candy.

Anyway, after dinner one day with my 6-year-old, we felt like something sweet, so hand in hand we strolled down High and found our way through the doors of this modern spin on a chocolate shop.  I watched my son’s eyes busy savoring all of the choices. Incidentally, with all the choices, it’s too bad as a health conscious mom I only let him have just one piece. “Choose wisely,” I advised. And he did, a chunk of milk chocolate with a hint of peanut butter tucked inside, and for me — a few pieces of salted milk chocolate with caramel, and of course my staple — chocolate covered gummy bears…delicious.

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