In good and bad, in sickness and in health

Right on the cusp of our one year anniversary, my husband and I fell into a cycle of one bad thing after another—they say it comes it threes—but this felt more like fours or fives. Every once in a while life knocks you down hard, and you can’t find your way out of the storm. Somehow, somewhere my household picked up a whirl of unfortunate circumstances that have threatened to take our breath away, yet in the most dark moments of all of this we’ve remained (relatively) calm, somewhat cool, and mildly collected (depending on the day).

I can’t exactly pinpoint where it all started, but what I can say is that this has tested us in ways that we could not have imagined. Life is just like that–we take the good with the bad and in this case, the bad just kept coming…

All of this happened in a matter of weeks yet the everyday sorts of life still pulse on. We are lucky (blessed really), and I know our good and bad can’t possibly compare to the good and bad of so many others suffering even far greater anguish. This brief stint of grief reminded us that we must keep our good and bad in perspective and take it as it comes. Alfonso and I have planned a long life together, so we re-read our vows a few weeks ago and reminded ourselves that this is what that agreement to love and care for each other is all about. We’re just getting started so I respect all of those who have loved in commitment for so long (Alfonso’s parents, 41 years and my parents 38 years just to name a few). 

One thing all of this has taught me is never let faith wane, prayer wraps us up and goes beyond a gesture, friends are just a phone call away, and there is nothing like family.

Here’s to putting up an umbrella (where the entire family fits underneath) and looking forward to dry more sunny days to come. Happy Anniversary Alfonso, I’ll take the good and the bad as long as I’m with you. 

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3 Comments on “In good and bad, in sickness and in health”

  1. Kimberley Hendrix-Glover
    September 22, 2011 at 3:24 pm #

    Happy Anniversary!! Enjoyed the blog. I enjoyed it so much I posted it to my FB page so that others can also be inspired to hang on in there.

    • September 23, 2011 at 5:12 am #

      Thank you Kim…we do just have to hang in there and know that there is peace on the other side of the storm.


  1. A day measured in love and wishes | life and write - September 12, 2012

    […] We sat on the patio so we could look at each other under the bending stems and flat green leaves, our table just inches from where we stood a few years ago and said, “I do.” We spoke under our breaths between the swirl of sourdough in tomato stained olive oil, and slow bites of farfalle and chicken, crab cake and slaw. I had forgotten we sometimes need reassurance, the sound of water rhythm running in the stream beside us. It reminded me of patience; something love and time are teaching me. […]

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