The new (and the old) cool: Dads who are all in

I love how hands-on, cool and calm my husband is as a dad: diaper bag slung around his shoulder, out and about with those two super curious boys, especially that Rafael, who is extra fast with a dash of his lopsided toddler sprint. I’m throughly impressed with Alfonso’s patience with the kids, even during Rafael’s infamous toddler tantrums and spontaneous public melt-downs, he remains cool, calm, and collected. He doesn’t let frustration get the best of him, he’s loving and firm (when he needs to be).

As a modern (and relatively new) dad, he’s redefining what it means to be a father. He wants to have an impact on these boys, he wants to be thoughtful in his parenting. He wants to be present every step of the way. Even as we make mistakes or contemplate certain decisions as parents, the key is our intention and our presence. The rest—we learn along way. And I realize I have a different style of parenting than Alfonso does as a dad but I think that’s o.k. too. We put our heads together and we get there with these kids, we raise them one day at a time, sometimes one moment at a time. And to be honest, parenting can feel like one mistake at a time or like wisdom you never knew you had. I think what’s most important is to be all in, to be present. And I admire that Alfonso is all in. I love that about him. A loving, level-headed, hands-on dad is the new (and the old) cool.

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