Have kids will eat out: Hubbard Grille (happy hour)


We decided to keep celebrating Rafael’s birthday with cocktails (for the grown-ups), and they couldn’t have come at a better time, 2-year-olds are notoriously demanding and exhausting and today was as perfect a day as any to partake in a little Hubbard Grille happy hour.

Our server Jessica was attentive, funny, sweet, and had a ton of patience. We didn’t give her too much trouble (I hope) but when I found out the menu had just changed for the summer, I had to pause. What would I order, not my usual salmon entrée or salad with a side of salmon? I struggled momentarily with the menu change, but recovered nicely when Jessica helped me decide on something new to try on the menu. Alfonso had the five tomato soup (one of his favorites) and the Hub burger. He loved the red pepper relish, wild mushrooms, and manchego cheese, which he said, “you don’t expect on a burger, but it adds a lot of flavor.” I tried the caprese which was like a fresh summer salad “between bread”. It was light and salty sweet, but my inner jury is still out on whether I like it between bread or if I might prefer it as a salad.  Either way, the mozzarella cheese, tomato, basil, and balsamic vinaigrette are simple flavors that go so well together and are perfect for the summer (or any time for that matter).

I’m convinced that the earlier we go out to eat with the kids the better. That way the house is still fairly empty so when Rafael starts slinging water from a straw (sigh) he won’t splash anyone sitting next to us. I’m not even going to go into him trying to climb over the back of the booth seat (double sigh). 

Thanks Pam for the pics (and the laughs) and thanks Jessica for your patience and a speedy check. Eating out with the kids is always an adventure.

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