Our Montessori Experience: life, orbit, and fire

Turning two seemed a non-event yesterday, but as the week goes on, the celebration gets more interesting…

In the Montessori classroom, each child has an opportunity to celebrate their special birth day by exploring how earth’s orbit around the sun takes a year. There is a globe kids are supposed to walk around with to symbolize the earth in orbit (Rafael tossed his globe like a baseball, oops!), a candle (which made me a little nervous with all those babies and toddlers), and the entire class of little ones gathered in a circle, singing, giving thanks (and hugs).

I know it sounds a little Kumbaya but it’s really special for the kids (and us big kids). And outside from hugging each other and tumbling to the floor in loud and dramatic laughter, it is a moment to celebrate each child’s year of growth through art (pictures and books), culture (each child has their own special ritual), science (earth’s orbit), and math (days, months, years). There’s no junk food and no drama—just a handful of little kids singing their song, oh, and I almost forgot, eating bowls of frozen yogurt and fresh strawberries (courtesy of Rafael). The kids work up quite an appetite after all that celebrating…

“Children have neither past nor future; they enjoy the present, which very few of us do.” —Jean de la Bruyere

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