Have kids, will eat out: Black Creek Bistro

All smiles as we walked through the door of Black Creek Bistro on an impromptu Friday evening out with a friend and one of our two kids. This unassuming restaurant tucked away on the near east side of Columbus at Parsons and Oak, is a real gem featuring local food and interesting, yet simple seasonal dishes. Immediately walking in, the bar was busy with chatter and we saw friends we knew in the window seat having dinner. The host was patient as we exchanged greetings and hugs, and made us feel welcome even as we held a squirmy little toddler in our arms.

Black Creek Bistro is warm and vibrant, with its dark wood trim and colorful local art hanging on the walls. We ordered a bottle of Cabernet that didn’t take itself too seriously (we did have our 2-year-old in tow), and started off with the hummus plate appetizer, a fresh healthy dish we could get out on the table fast (toddlers are not patient when they are hungry), and one we knew our little one could have fun with (he enjoyed dipping all the colorful veggies in the thick creamy hummus). We knew that would buy us some time to sip on wine and catch up with our friend.

For dinner Alfonso tried the dry rubbed Cornish hen (he said it was savory) and I had the salmon over ravioli (delicious). Both dishes were full of flavor and again, didn’t take themselves too seriously. It’s close quarters in the dining room so we were thankful when the table sitting next to us didn’t mind when Rafael dropped his sippy cup (yikes). They were gracious and gave us that, “we’re glad we’re grandparents” smile. All in all, we had a good time, and our server was a great sport—even when Rafael took a pen and drew his own artwork on the butcher paper covering the white table cloth—dining out—always an adventure.

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