I knew it was a good sign when we walked in with a couple of kids in tow and the host station didn’t bat an eye of worry or concern. We love dining in the Short North, an urban, cool and trendy little area in town with shops, galleries, and great restaurants. We have quite the food scene in our city and why shouldn’t we eat at places with white tablecloths and cloth napkins—these boys have to learn somewhere, somehow.

Recently, we met a family friend out, and gathered at Hubbard Grille for an early evening dinner. I was surprised and impressed how prepared they were with a kid friendly menu and crayons, balanced with the surroundings of a more mature dining experience. It was an interesting pairing and I appreciate that Hubbard Grille thinks it’s o.k. to have your kids out for dinner and let them try dining in places other than the usual super casual restaurant chains that often cater to families but don’t often have super interesting food offerings. We’ve been practicing so my boys are getting the hang of how they should behave when we’re dining out. What can I say other than it’s always an adventure.

Some delicious highlights from our feast included: the cornbread with lavender infused butter (delicious), the three cheese spinach dip with house-made light and flaky tortilla chips, the five tomato soup (my husband is a fan), the mac and cheese (a favorite of the kids), and the Scottish salmon. Overall, we had a great time. The kids were thrown in with all the other “grown-up” tables and they had a ball, socializing and as Mason reminded us, “keeping our napkins on our laps.”

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