Ok, so I bought this tiny dose of bad parenting for my husband because it’s hilarious and mostly true (maybe all that cursing is just for effect). There’s nothing like laughing at the harmoniously harder parts of parenting. This (non-children’s) children’s book for adults features a multicultural cast of wide-eyed trickster children and one frustrated dad, “no we’re not going to read that story one more time,” just looking for a little piece of mind and for his kid to just go to sleep already. This book is strictly for laughs, not an ounce of good parenting advice to spare.

There’s a clip online with Samuel L. Jackson reading the book cover to cover (f-bombs included).

On a personal note, fortunately, I don’t have this issue any more at bed time (knock on wood) at our house. Once Rafael climbed out of the crib, he entered “big boy” land where mommy plays hardball when it comes to bed time (daddy is a tad more lenient). Hey, a working girl has to get her sleep—so after the stories and hugs and kisses, there better be a “good night” if those rambunctious boys know what’s good for them (smile). And truthfully speaking, the only reason I can write this post right now is because I put those kids to bed by 8:15pm and by 8:30pm…crickets…and a “high five” from my husband. Good night.

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