Words do mean “something”

“These words are special,” Mason said. “Oh really,” I said, “What’s special about them. What do they say?” He read the card out loud then signed his name (and Rafael’s name) on the inside. “This is special mom, these words mean something,” he said. And just as we heard Alfonso’s footsteps coming up the stairs, we quickly hid his Father’s Day card under the pillow. Mason and I turned to each other and smiled.

Later I thought, that (moment) was special…words do mean something and it was nice to be reminded of that by my 6-year-old. Sometimes as adults we do things out of routine or out of ritual, not that our actions aren’t thoughtful and sincere, only that we are used to doing these kinds of gestures. But when discovered by children, with innocence and wonderment, those rituals and gestures are often given new meaning. And that—I find, is something special.

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