Home cooked meals (and self-sufficient boys)

I recall a discussion I had with a woman I know about how I’m setting my sons’ future wives up for failure because I make my boys home-cooked meals regularly throughout the week. She doesn’t get how I have the time. Really?! I don’t necessarily “have the time”; but I make the time to prepare fresh healthy food for my family and teach these kids a thing or two about cooking. They are growing boys; and I would hope that one day they will be able to express they appreciated all that home cooking I did (even when exhausted after working all day) and how they learned their way around the kitchen. They often express it now in little ways (like cleaning their plates and saying thank you) but I imagine one day they will have fond memories of all of us in the kitchen or sitting down at the dinner table over food we just prepared ourselves. I don’t know, I guess I’m old school. I like a good home cooked meal…

Plus the kids are a great help in the kitchen (most of the time). Mason likes to measure and stir and Rafael…well, he just pulls all the pots and pans out of the cabinets onto the floor. *sigh*

So if those currently non-existent wives or girlfriends (Mason is only 6 yrs. old and Rafael is 23 months) don’t want to cook (or can’t), I hope to raise boys that can cook for themselves and/or their families (one day). There are no predetermined “roles” in our household, everyone contributes what they can.

And in the meantime while either of those boys is living out their bachelor lives (15-20 years from now), they can cook for themselves! Hey, I’m just trying to raise a couple of self-sufficient boys.

Plus, let’s not forget, I have to eat too. And if I don’t cook, then who will, my personal chef? My husband? Not likely.

(For dinner: Roasted garlic and thyme chicken, jasmine rice, and lentils)

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