Our Montessori: “Generations Day” (and the working mom)

As the school year came to an end last week, my 6-year-old rounded out his three-year Montessori cycle in children’s house. The children in his class range in age from  3 years old to 6 years old, and the older K-level (or kindergarten) students are moving on to lower elementary where the class will range from 1st through 3rd grade. Throughout the year parents, guardians, grandparents,and other family members are welcome in the classroom to volunteer and observe. But annually, parents are invited to the class to actively participate in typical daily classroom learning activities or “works”.

I had a 7:45am meeting the morning of Generations Day on the other side of town but I promised my son I would visit him in class. Not only is this important to my son but it really is just one more way as a parent I can continue to stay engaged with his teachers and the children in the class. I volunteer throughout the year at his school and in his class but Generations Day is that time when kids can show off their special someone and also show off (to that special someone) what they’ve learned over the course of the school year.

But like the plight of so many other working parents, there are always schedule conflicts and Generations Day was at the same time as that 7:45am meeting I spoke about earlier. So what’s a working girl to do?

Shortly after my meeting ended, I exchanged pleasantries and dashed out,  jumped in the car, turned up Kanye, jumped on the highway, and made my way from one side of town to the other to spend a few precious moments with my son. It’s impossible to be in two places at the same time but that doesn’t mean I won’t stop trying.

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