Paper or Plastic?

“Paper or plastic,” I ask. You ignore

me, dump dozens of items from your cart

on the conveyor belt. “Paper or plastic?”

Your eyes hidden under dark sunglasses,

your gestures slow in the 10 items or less line,

as if the people behind you, with one

or two items, on an errand during lunch,

aren’t in a hurry or don’t matter. I slide

your many bags of produce, jagged little beeps,

people rolling eyes, the backed up line. Your cell phone

rings, distracted, you refuse to make eye

contact. The bag of chips…beep, loaf of bread

…beep, chocolate frozen dessert, Diet Coke,

1, 2, 3, 4, 5…frozen dinners, and so on—

all loaded in paper bags. You finally

say you prefer plastic, of course. I wait

for you to dig in your designer purse,

toss change on the counter instead of my

hand. Between your laughing, screech and beeps,

grumbling folks peel away behind you. Still chatting

on your phone, you grab your items,

walk away without eye contact, or a thank you,

leave your nothing for the rest of us to bag and carry.

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