B.O.B. (Outkast)….circa 2000

This time crowded on the bed, the boys are at it again: listening to hip hop. Or shall I say Alfonso is schooling them once again on the somewhat old and the good (and always the clean version). He is super excited to hear the Outkast throwback, but by the captivated looks on the kids’ faces I think the two little guys are amazed at how fast the beat weaves in and out of the random layers of sounds. They listen, focused intently on trying to catch on to even one word as Big Boi and Andre’s rhymes are slippery and swift. Good thing, there are parts of that song I’d like to keep a mystery (for now).

“Bob your head…rag top…bob your head…rag top…”

“Power music electric revival…” (Rafael was chanting this familiar Outkast quote early this morning so we all joined in…)

For those of us who grew up in the enlightened years of hip hop, B.O.B. was certainly a party starter.

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