Tax-free day was a scam to drive the economy but I fell for it anyway…

I ignored all the 20 and 30 percent off sales cluttering up my email inbox claiming, “Hurry, buy it now, sale ends today!” I didn’t fall for any of those ridiculous attempts to get me to buy stuff. Instead I fell for the quiet unsuspecting call of a bright shiny 13 inch screen. The price was dramatic but I just had to have it…

I (or I should say we) broke down and bought a Macbook Pro in an instant, without regard, because it was time to be more mobile, quick witted, and of course stylish in our tech.  The lure was the subtle savings (very subtle) but coming over from the dark side (Windows and all it’s permissions and self-correcting) was just too tempting. And aside from the bright beautiful graphics and sleek slender design, Mac is just much more user friendly (even for a non-tech like myself). This is just what a girl needs to finish grad school and really pursue some kind of pseudo writer’s life—that’s what I’ve been telling myself anyway.

Let’s face it, nothing is free, especially taxes, and this new Mac wasn’t either but I’m convinced already it was worth it—a girl has to write on something, and that archaic HP has seen better days (remember Rafael broke it last spring on the day my final paper was due for class, see post archives, August 18, 2010).

I have no regrets, this computer is brilliant, and while it doesn’t need me to look and be cool, I’m happy to scribble poetic prose all over it.

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