Day 13

I thought the days would pass quickly. I would busy myself with work, thoughts, and the creative. But the truth is the silence in this house is swelling around me. I read, I eat, I write, I think. I miss you. We talk in little bits, what seems like seconds, as you try to save your battery on the field. I listen as you report the effects of the day on your spirit, on our family, the background filled with the rumblings of other soldiers and friendly gunfire (if gunfire can be described that way). Late at night in the barracks your whispers I hold close to my ear, the hum of your voice chopped in frequency, the night is not the only thing that separates us.

And our son, our little boy speaks new words, looks for our faces, our voices, but sounds so happy in the warm southern sun. I can hear his smile in the voice of your mom. Her love is like ours wrapped up in his tears and laughter, his baby chatter and his whistling sleep. I miss him terribly but I know she keeps him inside her heart and that is enough for these long days without him.

This is just a short time in the length of our lives but a long lesson of how we all serve when you serve, how the space between us is only distance. We are as close as we ever were and closer still.


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