Arts Advocacy Day 2011

In front of House Speaker Boehner’s door (as congress people whisked in and out) right before our meeting with his office and staff (it’s a tense time on Capitol Hill). We walked in his office and found many dark suits in many intense conversations.

His staff took us back to a dark office space, it smelled of smoke. On the table in the corner one lamp and a single picture, the gray rainy day bled through the window. The first few moments were tense as we braced for each other’s stance, but as we talked, the words warmed up a bit. We had a relatively brief (20-30 minutes), bright, and purposeful conversation about the importance of Speaker Boehner’s national voice to the people of Ohio and the nation. We reinforced his responsibility to think broadly and consider the importance of the arts even in this challenging economic climate. We asked him to consider his position (as head of the education committee) on access to arts in education, creativity, and innovation for every American. Not only is arts central to our culture, it helps build transferable skills only the arts can develop. Our work on the Hill yesterday was to keep arts, creativity, and innovation in the minds of legislators. The arts create options and possibilities; they build communities, create jobs, generate real revenue, promote diplomacy, and leave a lasting cultural legacy.

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