6:34am: The Hot Seat

I don’t know why my husband is up, he is usually sleep at this time and I have the morning to myself. But no—he’s hyped up and talking so passionately right now about sports. First he reminded me that Ohio State was playing today and that he thinks their headed for the” Final Four”. Duh!!! (Go Bucks!) Then he randomly slipped into his frustration in the Knicks (the Knicks?), and his thoughts on what’s happening with the NFL (contract disputes). He also had a few brief comments on college recruiting. He jumped around from sport to sport, subject to subject in a matter of minutes. He’s good but it’s early…   

He finally settles into his thoughts on ESPN’s 1st and 10, where Chris Broussard passionately commented on the Jalen Rose and Grant Hill controversy stemming from comments Jalen Rose said during the filming of the documentary “The Fab Five”. My husband is my inside scoop on sports (I think he was a sportscaster in a former life) so when he speaks, I listen (most of the time).

Chris Broussard and Skip Bayless discuss Grant Hill’s response to Jalen Rose’s comments

Note: This moment was highly charged and is a sensitive subject matter. Pay attention to the tension in the room where Dana Jacobson was fumbling over her introduction, Skip Bayless was attentive and had a look of concern, and Chris Broussard was slightly flushed but so impassioned as he spoke. Good stuff…

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