Daylight Savings Time

So this time my six-year-old was up at 4am asking how much longer he had to sleep. (What?) I was so delirious that I didn’t understand his question at first. I think I thought I was dreaming. He looked like a dark blurry shadow (with glasses) standing there at the side of my bed.

This is what I get for trying to overcompensate for daylight savings time. My six-year-old was so tired yesterday morning that I tried to balance out his exhaustion by sending him to bed early (really early) last night and he fell right to sleep (a sign he was indeed really tired).

But the plan backfired because who knew he would be up at 4am, turning on all the lights (in the bathroom, in his room), and asking for a glass of water (which by the way he did not drink). Does anyone ever sleep all night in this house? *sigh*

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