You can’t conquer what you don’t confront

Think slick greasy black hair (with a part in the middle), pale blemished skin, and squinted, tired eyes. Verbal follies like: “I’ve got that tiger blood in me…Adonis DNA,” “I’m winning,” or “you can’t process me with a normal brain,” prompted my husband to say, “Can somebody please help that man? He needs to get control of himself. He needs an intervention.” I imagine it’s complicated, but ultimately I think Alfonso is right. But not just right about Charlie Sheen.

There are just so many jokes, mash-ups, and sound bites that I had to consider how the media helps instigate and/or perpetuate Sheen’s (and countless others’) maddening behavior. It’s almost like a visual and verbal endorsement for, If I have money, I can act irrational, get attention, and make more money. And I’m also left wondering what that says about the media watching these sad stories unfold and capitalizing off of them every chance it gets. I wonder how the repetition and countless media feeds of these acts and rants make us numb to the underlying real issues.

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