Little boy boots, big girl shoes

This morning I offered to drive as a colleague and I went for coffee and I noticed my life spilling over into the passenger side of my car. In that very moment I found myself fully transparent in my working mom mode. It was evident how I literally live and work out of my car. I didn’t know whether or not I should be embarrassed or just embrace the truth.

My husband scolds me all the time about how I drive such a nice car and how disheveled I always keep it (I think it’s a guy thing). I do clean it out regularly but it’s tough when you’re on the go all the time. And I admit there are moments when I let things go a little too long and need to get my act together.

Now I do have a plan for a spring cleaning (if it ever decides to get warm around here). I also find it helps to keep a small bag in the car dedicated to such messes as spilled goldfish, fruit bar wrappers (Trader Joes apple is a favorite), and plastic baggies. I do tend to recycle most stuff and I empty the bag out each week which tends to keep things fairly tidy (or at least the appearance of tidy).

My rebuttal to my husband’s messy car criticisms is at least I’m always prepared for just about anything: I have extra clothes for the kids, stuff to keep them entertained while I’m driving, extra shoes (you never know if you’ll need flats or heels), and snacks (I can’t go anywhere without snacks for the kids). Oh, and you’ll notice the colorful (and empty) box of tissue in the left hand corner (I guess it shouldn’t be on the floor at this point)—that’s for wiping runny noses (but since it’s empty now I need to recycle it).

One day I’ll drive a pristine vehicle without a toy (or shoe) in sight. But until then, I’ll just have to keep wiping away the leftover food crumbs in the crevices of the leather seats.

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